What patients expect from the EU Elections?

EPF discussed with Emma Rogan, one of the -patients featured in our 2014 campaign video, about our 2014 European Elections Campaign.  Emma lives daily with multiple sclerosis and offered us some valuable insights into the potential real-life impact EPF’s campaign can have for patients.

“To people who say that there is little reason for patients to get involved in the elections for the European Parliament, I would answer that political disengagement is in the interests of those who want to hold power and control. If nothing else, regaining our democratic values is reason enough to take part and cast your vote. If anything, people in the public service/elected representatives, may have forgotten who it is they’re serving. Elections are a way to remind everyone of our civic duty to partake in our future”. (Extract from her testimonial on EPF blog)

Please find Emma’s testimonial our our blog here: http://www.eu-patient.org/blog/?p=202

As Emma so eloquently described in her interview, we, as patients, have meaningful and relevant views that arise from our daily experience with chronic disease.  These views reflect a human perspective and need to be heard in order to drive lasting changes for us throughout Europe.  The EPF campaign is built on incorporating the patient voice into healthcare policy so that valuable experiences and knowledge, of patients like Emma can be shared and understood to create better European healthcare systems for everyone.

To watch the EPF Campaign Video where Emma Rogan is featured, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yAyEh-caOE