A Patient Access Partnership in Bulgaria

Picture: Mr. Boyko Borisov & Dr. Petar Moskov © National Patient Organisation (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian "Health Partnership" was officially launched on 26 March 2015 at the Council of Ministers in Sofia. This initiative from our member, the National Patient Organisation (NPO), falls within the 2020 Objectives for Health 2020 of the Bulgarian Health Ministry and follows the model of the European Patient Access Partnership platform, launched in January 2015.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Mr. Boyko Borisov, at the opening session, welcomed the “Health Partnership” and declared the Government’s full support. The ‘Health Partnership’ will work as an advisory body to the Council of Ministers, which will provide a platform for discussion on health-related issues in Bulgaria.

Key government representatives of health institutions, representatives of professional unions of medical practitioners and care givers, patient organisations, industry, academia and health experts attended this launch meeting. 

Health Minister Dr. Petar Moskov, who will chair this new platform, presented its main priorities: healthcare reform, drug policy and quality of the healthcare system. Three deputies representing the major partners will be soon appointed: patients’ representatives, healthcare professionals, and industry associations.

EPF Board Member Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev, Chairperson of the Bulgarian National Patients’ Organization (NPO) was appointed as Secretary to the Partnership.

Contact: Stanimir Hasurdjiev, NPO Chairperson, stanimir.h@npo.bg