Crossing the borders for healthcare: First stop in Croatia

©EPF Membership Officer Camille Bullot prepares for the series of mini-workshops

Building on the success of the Regional Conferences on cross-border healthcare organised in 2013-2014, EPF decided to organise a series of mini-workshops in the countries that were not targeted by the regional events. Our first stop was Zagreb, on 27 January 2015.

Ten Croatian patients’ representatives, the Croatian National Contact Point, and the European Commission sit around the table to discuss the various aspects of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive. The purpose was to raise awareness about the scope of the legislation and patients’ rights enshrined in it. Participants had the opportunity to exchange views and see how they each can contribute to an effective implementation of the Directive.

Equity and trust issues

The issue of equitywas at the core of the discussions following the presentation of John Rowan of the European Commission. Participants admitted having mixed opinions on whether the Directive is actually useful for Croatian patients, as they think receiving treatment in Croatia still is the cheaper option.

EPF Membership Officer Camille Bullot explained that the Directive is not only useful in a cross-border context. It is also an opportunity for patient organisations to push for more transparent information about the quality and safety standards of their home country.

The lack of trust in Croatian healthcare professionalswas mentioned as one of the reasons why Croatian patients seek for healthcare abroad. The campaign we are preparing on Patient Empowerment (launch event) may bring some solutions to this issue as it will look at the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next workshops will take us to Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland and Romania:

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