PaSQ project continues for one more year!

“The European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care” or "PaSQ" Joint Action (JA), in which we are a partner, continues for one more year until March 2016. This will contribute to building a stronger network involving representatives of Members States, European stakeholders and international organisations.

 The 3-year project started in April 2012 and focuses on sharing knowledge, experience and good practices on quality of healthcare, including patient safety and patient involvement. The Joint Action will use the opportunity of this additional year to collect and publish safe clinical practices and good organisational practices on the JA website.

At the 5th Coordination meeting which took place in Brussels from 12 to 13 March 2015, EPF expressed the support for the exchange of good practices across the European Union as part of the PaSQ sustainability plan through the voice of Nicola Bedlington, Secretary General.

She said that: “EPF and its members are willing and able to work together with health professionals, managers and policy-makers to achieve our shared goal: a high level of quality of care.  Quality is everybody’s business – including the patient’s – but it is the patient who is ultimately affected, and therefore listening to the patient’s experience and embedding the patient’s perspective in policy and practice is crucial to achieve high quality healthcare.”

Devoted to promoting a high level of quality of care from the perspective of patients, EPF is taking forward its commitment by launching a process to develop “core competences” for patients and families in patient safety in order to ensure their empowerment and participation in the care process, as they were emphasised Council Recommendation from 2009 and the Council conclusions from 2014

Contact: Cristina Padeanu, EPF project Officer,