Patients highlights at the We Care final conference

Picture: WeCare Final Conference, April 2015, Philip Chircop of the Malta Health Network; EPF President Anders Olauson; Professor Inger Ekman, WE CARE coordinator © EPF

On 14-15 April, EPF President Anders Olauson and Board Member Robert Johnstone attended the WE CARE final conference. This two-year project investigated how quality healthcare services can be preserved and guaranteed in EU countries while ensuring their viabilityand sustainability.

Anders Olauson explained how the quality of healthcare services can improve through more transparency of information enabling patients to make informed choices. He also stressed that high-quality healthcare services rely on trusted relationship between patients and healthcare professionals, which result in better adherence to treatments and more efficient use of resources.

Robert A. Johnstone delivered a keynote speech on Patient Empowerment. He explained the invaluable resources that patients can bring to healthcare systems through their self-management skills and understanding of what works best for them. Robert said that healthcare systems require a mental shift and societal change from all actors involved and that patients need to be involved as co-designers of the services.

The participants brainstormed on how future European healthcare can and should look like and contributed to identifying research gaps. The input collected during the event will be integrated in the final deliverable which consists of a research plan for sustainable, high-quality and cost effective Healthcare.

“This conference as well as the project in general was a significant opportunity for us to spotlight on what matters the most to patients in healthcare services” concluded our President.

Contact: Valentina Strammiello, Project Officer,