European Commission publishes reports on Patient Safety

The European Commission has just published the following, long-awaited reports on patient safety and quality of care:

1. The Commission 2nd report on the implementation of the Council recommendation 2009/C 151/01 on patient safety, including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections.

2. Eurobarometer on patient safety – including country-specific fact sheets:

3. Results of the public consultation on public safety and quality of care – to which EPF contributed.

4. Two reports have been published to which EPF also contributed via the Patient Safety and Quality of Care Working group of the European Commission.

  • Reporting and learning systems for patient safety incidents across Europe;
  • Education and training in patient safety across Europe

EPF's input emphasises the importance of involving patients and their families in reporting and learning systems on patient safety incidents, and in the training of health professionals (see page 27 of the reporting & learning systems report, and page 13-14 of the education report).

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