September 2014

September was marked by youth and self-management at EPF as our Youth Group met for its Annual Meeting and that we started our involvement in the PISCE 16-month project.

EPF Youth Group plans for the future

The EPF Youth Group met for its 4th Annual Meeting in September in Brussels. The young patient representatives discussed their plans for 2015-2017 and identified three main thematic areas for further discussion: discrimination, transition to adult care and capacity development.

The group wishes to sensitise civil society and policy-makers on the consequences of living as a young person with chronic conditions that may lead to discrimination. They expect policy-makers to set up a legislative framework that protects them and promotes equal opportunities.

The report of the EMPATHY Project “Europe Meets Young Patients”, which consisted of a four-day seminar held in 2013 - was also made available here (PDF).

Enhancing self-care in Europe with PISCE

Self-care is gaining considerable attention in the healthcare field, as patients are gradually taking a new and more active role.

EPF is involved since September in a 16-months brand new pilot project on the ‘promotion of Self-Care systems in the European Union’ called PISCE.

This tender will create a platform of experts in self-care and healthcare to enhance this type of care at EU level and develop strategies to support its broader implementation.