EPF is active in the area of tackling discrimination that patients can face in the workplace and on the employment market as a result of their health status.

Following EPF’s position statement entitled "Equal treatment for patients in education and employment" that was published in January 2016 to highlight this issue and provide recommendations on how to tackle discrimination; in 2017, EPF set up a temporary task force on discrimination in the workplace and on the employment market.

The aim of the task force was to develop a set of materials to promote better inclusion of people with chronic and long-term conditions in the workplace.

This work is directly relevant to EPF’s strategic goal on non-discrimination, to promote the development of EU and national policies that tackle discrimination faced by people with chronic conditions in employment. This task force, made up of volunteers from the EPF membership provided expert advice in order to develop the content and format of this set of materials.

The task force has developed the following three materials:

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