Campaign for the 2014 EU Elections

Campaign slogan

Patients + Participations = Our Vote for a Healthier Europe

What the campaign is all about?

Every five years we get the opportunity to have a say on what is important to us with the European Parliament Elections and new Commission. This campaign is our chance to encourage politicians and policy-makers to commit to a healthier Europe where patients are part of the solution to make health systems more effective and quality-oriented.

Supporting this campaign means that, when we will cast our ballot on 22-25 May 2014, we will be confident to vote for patients' friendly candidates who work towards achieving this ideal healthcare. In other words, working for a healthier Europe, as outlined in our Manifesto “Patients + Participation = Our Vote for a Healthier Europe”

22-25 May: Save the Date to Vote for a Healthier Europe!

What does EPF expect of Members of the European Parliament?

  • Engage patients collectively and pro-actively through patient organisations in policy decision-making to ensure that all policies and practices reflect patients’ real-life needs, preferences and capabilities.
  • Adopt an EU strategy on patient empowerment, including an action plan on health literacy and high quality information for patients on all aspects of our care.
  • Support an EU initiative on equitable access to healthcare for all European citizens, through a multi-stakeholder Platform.
  • Develop a clear framework for patient involvement across the spectrum of health research, through the entire cycle of the innovation chain.
  • Ensure that patients’ rights is part of the next Health Commissioner’s portfolio

OUR Vote for a Healthier Europe

We are supported by our 63 members composed of European disease-specific organisations and national patients’ coalitions from across the EU Member States. Collectively we represent the interests of a large constituency of 150+ million people living with chronic diseases across the European Union.

We therefore represent a high proportion of voters for the next EU elections. We hope our voice will be heard by decision-makers and that they will add a patients’ perspective in their work.

How to support this campaign?

  • Show your commitment to our campaign!

    Sign our Manifesto online by providing your contact details in the form available in the right-hand column.
  • Keep the campaign alive on Twitter!

    Use #patientsvote and #epf2014 on Twitter (@eupatientsforum)

  • Post pictures of your activities in relation with the campaign on Facebook


We thank you in advance for supporting this Manifesto and showing your commitment to our work towards a healthier Europe for all citizens.


We would like to thank leading PR/PA Agencies, consultancies and experts that are helping EPF’s 2014 European Parliament Campaign with strategic advice and expertise, and practical support on a pro bono basis.

Click here if you want to know more about this collaboration (Terms of Reference).

Activities & tools

  • Launch event on 1 October at EPF premises  with Commissioner Tonio Borg and MEP Dagmar Roth Behrendt as special guests
  • Press statement from Commissioner Tonio Borg at the European Health Forum Gastein on 4 October
  • The Manifesto was printed in 1000 copies. Please contact Cynthia Bonsignore at if you are interested in receiving printed copies to distribute to your network.
  • The Manifesto was translated in all 24 EU languages and available online in PDF format (see the link in the right-hand column). Feel free to print it and to share it with your own network.   
  • Background papers were developed to embed the campaign messages in deeper details for your information if you wish to further commit to EPF work.
  • A toolkit was developed for EPF members and national patients’ organisations to help cascade the campaign messages through their own networks.
  • Webinars were organised for EPF members to help cascade the campaign messages through their own networks. 
  • Campaign videos are disseminated in many EU languages on our YouTube channel to make sure the campaign messages keep on being circulated.
  • EPF brought the campaign to the heart of European democracy by presenting an exhibition in the hall of the European Parliament with the objective to encourage the Members of the European Parliament going for re-election to sign the EPF Manifesto and therefore commit to including a patient perspective in their work for the new parliamentary session.
  • EPF is attending various health events to remind the campaign messages.

More information: please contact EPF Communication Officer, Cynthia Bonsignore, at