Our Members' Campaigns

We Support Our Members’ Campaigns!

As a pan-European umbrella organisation of patients’ coalitions, the individual campaigns of our member organisations are incredibly important to us, and we support them wholeheartedly. In fact, EPF decided to keep our 2014 Elections Campaign deliberately very broad to ensure that patient groups could adapt it to their unique needs and individual manifestos. The following is a directory of the campaigns that have been led by our member organisations.

Alzheimer Europe (AE)

AE has adopted the European Dementia Pledge, to which they ask candidates for the EU elections to commit. The AE campaign asks decision-makers to commit to greater collaboration on dementia and ensuring that dementia is recognised as a priority in the European Union’s public health and research activities. Signers can also opt to commit to joining the European Alzheimer‘s Alliance in the European Parliament and making themselves available to their national Alzheimer‘s society and people with dementia from their individual countries. The pledge is in line with EPF’s broader campaign which calls for greater EU emphasis on health systems and the promotion of value-based research.

Link: http://www.alzheimer-europe.org/Policy-in-Practice2/European-Parliament-Elections-2014

The Collectif Interassociatif Sur la Santé (CISS)

The CISS has launched a manifesto for the 2014 European Elections calling upon political parties to candidates in the European elections to put the health and the well-being of European citizens at the hearts of the political agenda in the next parliamentary mandate. The campaign has the four main ideas of; making health a real priority in Europe, guaranteeing real access to healthcare for all, extending patients and users participation in health policy to all countries of the EU; and making patients‘ rights a health policy priority. The CISS and EPF campaigns share the common themes of establishing healthcare access for all Europeans and prioritising patients’ rights.

Link: http://www.leciss.org/europe2014

European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases (EFA)

EFA has created its own manifesto for the 2014 EU elections surrounding asthma and allergies. The manifesto focuses on the three main areas of developing an EU strategy on chronic diseases with disease-specific chapters, investing in prevention and helping to ensure equal access to care for each patient, which is also a major goal for “Patients + Participation = Our Vote for a Healthier Europe”.

Link: http://manifesto.efanet.org/

European Parkinson‘s Disease Association (EPDA)

The EPDA is asking for MEP support of their Pledge for Parkinson‘s. Committers support EPDA’s goals of working with policymakers towards maintaining and increasing funding for Parkinson‘s disease research, establishing best practice in the management of the disease across Europe, expanding the influence of national patient organisations to help Parkinson’s patients become more involved in their own treatment and ensuring that neurodegenerative diseases become an EU healthcare policy priority. Like the EPDA campaign, the 2014 Elections Campaign by EPF is also working towards more patient organisations' involvement in policy-making, funding value-based research and establishing best practices by listening to the expert patients’ voice.

Link: http://www.epda.eu.com/en/political-affairs-and-policy/mep-support-network/pledge-for-parkinsons/

European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA)

EFNA has created a pledge to Protect Research and Neurology Patients. Signers of the pledge support: maintaining and increasing funding for neuroscience research, legislating for the mandatory involvement of patients in all aspects of decision-making, empowering patients to be active participants in their own healthcare and neurological policy, ensuring that best practice procedures are shared and coordinated at the European level, providing neurology patients with access to early and accurate diagnoses, protecting and recognising the carers of those with neurological diseases. The goals of the EPF campaign are closely related to EFNA’s campaign, as both prioritise involving patients in all aspects of decision-making, patient empowerment, and adequate access to healthcare.

Link: http://efna.net/the-efna-pledge/

European Liver Patient Association (ELPA)

ELPA has developed a manifesto on policy measures against chronic liver disease. The manifesto briefed European elections candidates on issues and measures which are vital to chronic liver disease and outlines policy measures that can be taken against chronic liver disease in the forthcoming mandate. Like EPF’s, the ELPA manifesto focuses on equal access to quality healthcare, patient empowerment and patient involvement in research and clinical trials.

Link: http://www.elpa-info.org/elpa-news---reader/items/elpa-briefs-european-elections-candidates-on-chronic-liver-disease.htm