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AI in health and medicine

By Pranav Rajpurkar, Emma Chen, Oishi Banerjee and Eric J. Topol, Nature Medicine - 20 Jannuary 2022

In the years ahead, AI is poised to broadly reshape medicine. Just a few years since the first landmark demonstrations of medical AI algorithms that are able to detect disease from medical images at the level of experts the landscape of medical AI has matured considerably. Today, the deployment of medical AI systems in routine clinical care presents an important yet largely unfulfilled opportunity, as the medical AI community navigates the complex ethical, technical and human-centered challenges required for safe and effective translation.

This article discusses key findings from a 2-year weekly effort to track and share key developments in medical AI, while addressing several promising avenues for novel medical AI research, including non-image data sources, unconventional problem formulations and human–AI collaboration. The article also considers serious technical and ethical challenges in issues spanning from data scarcity to racial bias.

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