Position Papers & Briefings

In this section, you will find all position papers, briefings and other responses published by the European Patients' Forum.


Position Paper: "The Value and Pricing of Innovative Medicines"  Executive Summary

(July, 2020) 


Joint Statement: Prioritising patient safety and public health across Europe post- Brexit


(December, 2017)

EPF Statement on the 2017 CSRs (October 2017)


EPF Briefing for patients on Medical Devices: Patient safety in the new Regulation (December 2016)

EPF Briefing on the new Medical Devices Regulation: information to patients and transparency(December 2016)

EPF Briefing on in vitro diagnostic medical devices for patients’ organisation(December 2016)

EPF Position Paper on eHealth (December 2016)

EPF Guide on Data Protection (October 2016)

EPF Position Paper on Clinical Trials Lay Summary Results 

(August 2016)

EPF Statement on the Pricing and Reimbursment of Innovative Medicines(June 2016)

EPF Briefing Paper on Patient Safety, May 2016

EPF Position Paper on Informed Consent, May 2016

EPF Statement on the Implementation of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive (April 2016)

EPF Briefing on the UK Referendum  (April 2016)

EPF Position Paper Defining and Measuring Access

(March 2016)

EPF Statement on Equal treatment in education and employment,

(January 2016)