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EPF Campaign on Access to Healthcare - Leaflet

EPF has published a new leaflet featuring all information about the campaign: definition, dimension, objectives and policy areas.

It's available in A4 and as an infographic.  


EPF Leaflet

English version

PEC leaflet

Patient Empowerment Campaign - One year on 
Leaflet 2016

English version


Patient Empowerment Campaign Leaflet 2015

Bulgarian version

Czech version

Dutch version

Greek version

English version

Estonian version

French version

German version

Italian version

Lithuanian version

Portugese version

Romanian version

Slovak version

Slovenian version

Spanish version

Swedish version


EPF Leaflet 2014

English version (PDF 546KB)

German version (PDF, 322 KB)

French version (PDF, 314 KB)

Spanish version (PDF, 349 KB)


EPF Timeline Leaflet 2003-2013

English version (PDF 2Mb)

French version (PDF 2Mb)

Spanish version (PDF 2Mb)

German version (PDF 2Mb)


EPF Leaflet 2012 

English version (PDF, 530Kb)

French version (PDF, 530Kb)

Spanish version (PDF, 547Kb)

German version (PDF, 552Kb)