EPF Campaign for the 2014 EU Elections

Patient + Participation = Our Vote For A Healthier Europe

On 1 October 2013, we will launch our campaign entitled “Patients + Participation = Our Vote For a Healthier Europe” ahead of the 2014 European elections to encourage policymakers to commit to putting patients at the centre of healthcare throughout Europe. The campaign kicks-off at an EPF reception which will feature with remarks from special guests Health  Commissioner Tonio Borg and MEP Dagmar Roth-Berendt.

“The European Parliament Elections and new Commission 2014 offer a unique new opportunity for the European Patients’ Movement to encourage politicians and policy makers at all levels to commit to act towards patient-centred, integrated healthcare that will lead to better quality of life for us and our carers, and more cost-effective, equitable and sustainable health systems for all. In other words, working towards a healthier Europe”, said our President Anders Olauson.
Our new campaign aims to highlight patients as part of the solution in addressing fundamental roadblocks in patients’ access to high-quality, effective and sustainable healthcare.

Patients need and can to be empowered to be full partners in the management of their conditions, according to their individual capacities and situation. We need also to make equal access to quality healthcare a reality for all of us, even in times of economic crisis. 
In our Manifesto, we therefore call on policy-makers to:

  • Engage patients collectively and pro-actively through patient organisations in policy decision-making to ensure that all policies and practices reflect patients’ real-life needs, preferences and capabilities. 
  • Adopt an EU strategy on patient empowerment, including an action plan on health literacy and high quality information for patients on all aspects of our care.
  • Support an EU initiative on equitable access to healthcare for all European citizens, through a multi-stakeholder Platform.
  • Develop a clear framework for patient involvement across the spectrum of health research, through the entire cycle of the innovation chain.
  • Ensure that patients’ rights is part of the next Health Commissioner’s portfolio.

We are supported by our 61 members composed of European disease-specific organisations and national patients’ coalitions from across the EU Member States.

Collectively we represent the interests of a large constituency of 150+ million people living with chronic diseases across the European Union.

“We represent a high proportion of voters for the next EU elections. We hope our voice will be heard by decision-makers and that they will add a patients’ perspective in their work,” continued Mr Olauson.

More information about the campaign is available here.