One year of EU collaboration on chronic diseases


Policy-makers and experts from across the EU met in Brussels on 19 February 2015 to discuss progress made in the Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle (JA-CHRODIS) launched a year ago.

The February event brought together the full JA-CHRODIS consortium, involving representatives of 63 organisations, in their first General Assembly. EPF Programme Officer Valentina Strammiello and EPF Policy Officer Laurène Souchet participated to this event as EPF is a partner in this project. 

 “The work achieved in 2014 will contribute to the compilation of good practice of care for chronic diseases that will be accessible through an online knowledge platform in 2016. EPF will ensure that this tool will be accessible for patients. Ultimately CHRODIS aims to become a quality source of best practices. In the longer term it will improve the quality of chronic patients’ care through ensuring these good practices are shared across Europe” said our representatives.

EPF’s involvement is spread all over the Joint Action. One of the main tasks in 2015 will be to concretely contribute to the design of Delphi consultation, a method which relies on a panel of experts, on patient empowerment. The outcomes of the consultation will feed the knowledge platform with agreed criteria for the definition of patient empowerment’s best practices.

“The JA-CHRODIS events are important milestones to set the course of the Joint Action and the contribution it makes to reducing chronic diseases in the EU and the toll they take on the lives of individuals and on health and social systems” concluded Juan Riese, co-ordinator of JA-CHRODIS.

Contact: Valentina Strammiello, Programme Officer,