Duration: January 2014 – March 2017 (39 months) | Status: running EU Project | Funding Programme: co-funded by the Health programme of the European Union

What is the project about?

Much of the burden caused by chronic conditions is preventable and this where the 'EU Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life-cycle' or JA-CHRODIS enters the scene. Tackling chronic diseases and ensuring the future sustainability of European health systems will require greater investment in prevention and health promotion.

This three-year initiative Joint Action will look at exchanging and scaling-up best practices in these areas. It will mainly focus on cardiovascular diseases including stroke and diabetes acting on common risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol, nutrition and physical activity.

Project‘s Objectives?

The main objective of JA-CHRODIS is to promote and facilitate a process of exchange and transfer of good practices between European countries and regions, addressing chronic conditions, with a specific focus on health promotion and prevention of chronic conditions, multi-morbidity and diabetes.

Expected outcomes

One of the key deliverables is a ‘Platform for Knowledge Exchange’, which will include both an online help-desk for policy makers and a clearinghouse providing an up to date repository of best practices and the best knowledge on chronic care.


European collaboration led by the Institute of Health Carlos III that brings together over 60 associated and collaborating partners from e.g. national and regional departments of health and research institutions, from 26 Member States.

EPF‘s role

EPF is participating as a partner to provide the patients’ unique perspective and experience in areas such as patient empowerment and patient safety.

This collaboration will build on the policy work we did around the ‘reflection process on chronic diseases’ initiated by the European Commission and member states (see paper, 2012).

Impact on patient community

The exchange and transfer of good practices will result in improved outcomes of policies, programmes and clinical or public health interventions on chronic conditions.

We believe this initiative will foster greater collaboration to tackle the challenge of chronic disease in Europe. It will also change the way healthcare is delivered as this needs to be addressed in a holistic and integrated way to empower patients, reduce the disease burden and optimise the use of healthcare resources.

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Contact: info@chrodis.eu

Website: http://www.chrodis.eu/



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