August 2016 –Visual, Responsive and Reliable Communications


The EPF Communications strategy took some further steps towards a more inclusive, visual and responsive interaction with its internal and external audiences. A must-have in an ever more connected Europe.

This year saw an increase in the production of communication materials, as well as a growing presence on social media, particularly important when interacting with local communities and patients’ groups.

Throughout 2016, 5 informative policy factsheets were produced, offering clear and evidence-based information on important policy dossiers such as: cross-border healthcare, patient safety, quality of care, Health Technology Assessment and Medical Devices. Providing a concise overview of what is at stake and our recommendations, these factsheets can prove to be very helpful in disseminating our different positions.  

The 2015 Annual Report, published in June, gave a snapshot of our main achievements for the past year. Including illustrated and modern infographics, this flagship publication is one of our best tool to share our activities, outcomes and impact.

On social media, EPF went to the next level with more visual and creative content than ever! Growing our audiences on both Twitter and Facebook, these two channels are our most efficient social media to date, for easy and informal interaction.


Laurent Louette, Communications Officer

Sara Gayarre, Communications Assistant