• December 2016 – Representing Patients at the European Medicines Agency

    For more than 8 years now, EPF has been an active participant in the Patients and Consumers Working Party of the European Medicines Agency. 2016 was no exception, culminating with the election of EPF as the co-chair of the Working Party.
  • November 2016 – New Campaign on Access, A Priority for European Patients

    Access to healthcare and social services has been a major policy priority for EPF in 2016. From positions papers to consultations with members, our tireless work will continue next year with the EPF Campaign on Universal Health Coverage.
  • October 2016 – EPF’s Blog, our Window for External Contributions

    EPF’s Blog is a great platform to demonstrate the exceptional work our members are doing for their respective patient constituencies. It is also a platform for guest external authors and other health stakeholders to share their stories.
  • September 2016 - EUPATI: Final Milestones and Change in Sight

    The EUPATI project as we know it will come to an end in January, and we held a final conference in December. But this is not the end of the road, just the beginning of a new phase!   For 5 years now, the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic
  • August 2016 –Visual, Responsive and Reliable Communications

    The EPF Communications strategy took some further steps towards a more inclusive, visual and responsive interaction with its internal and external audiences. A must-have in an ever more connected Europe. This year saw an increase in the production
  • July 2016 – EPF Capacity Building Programme Supporting Patients’ Organisations

    Our Capacity Building Programme reached out to many countries and patients’ organisations in 2016. Various trainings and workshops helped to develop a stronger and more united patient movement in Europe.    Regarding the activities focusing on
  • June 2016 – EPF Patient Empowerment Campaign

    After 12 months of intense advocacy and public affairs work, the EPF Patient Empowerment Campaign came to a close in late June 2016. A true success that put empowerment at the centre of hey debates and mobilised fellow stakeholders to understand
  • May 2016 – EPF Youth Group: Preparing Patient Advocacy for Tomorrow!

    The EPF Youth Group plays an important role in the advocacy work of EPF, and central to our Youth Strategy. Here is what happened in 2016. The group – composed of young patients representing a wide range of chronic conditions and nationalities
  • April 2016 – EPF Prominent Player in Health-Related Policy Dossiers

    2016 was no short of crucial policy topics for patients in Europe. Once again, EPF,  thanks to its broad representativeness, stood forth to voice patients’ interests and concerns. The Brussels scene bubbled with important political dossiers this
  • March 2016 – New President and New Board!

    On the occasion of the EPF Annual General Meeting, Marco Greco was elected our new President for a mandate of two years. On the 22nd and 23rd of March, more than forty EPF members came together in Brussels to participate in our Annual General
  • February 2016 – EPF a Solid Partner in European Projects

    EPF reinforced its position as central patients’ voice representative by taking active role in several different EU-funded projects in 2016. Advancing the involvement of patients in topics that matter to us.
  • January 2016 - Our Members, Our Compass

    EPF is proud of its broad and diversified membership, the driving force of our daily work. In 2016, we have developed our set of communications and interactions tools to reinforce this crucial link between EPF and our members.
  • (BLOG) Transition to Adult Care – Role of the Pharmacists

    Transition to adult care involves a wide range of stakeholders from hospital and health managers, health professionals, pharmacists, young patients and their families. The European Pharmaceutical Students Associations explains the crucial role
  • (BLOG) EPF Youth Group Brings Useful Insights to Child Care Models

    The Models of Child Care Appraised (MOCHA) project held its General Assembly meeting in Rome on the 20 October 2016. The EPF Youth Group Chair, Aneela Ahmed tells us about her experience as a participant. Read the full report here.