EFGCP conference “Faster and Safer Paths to New Treatments with Medicines and Medical Devices”


On the 1st and 2nd march, EPF participated to the Annual Conference of the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice, a multi stakeholder forum that brings together patients, researchers, sponsors, competent authorities and ethics committees. This year’s theme was  ‘Faster and Safer Paths to New Treatments with Medicines and Medical Devices'.

The conference explored different avenues to enable medicines and devices to be developed in a swifter and safer way for increased benefit for  patients, bearing in mind the current and upcoming regulatory European frameworks.

In a session reflecting on how the devices and pharmaceutical industries can learn from each other, EPF Policy Adviser Laurène Souchet presented patients’ expectations on medicines and medical devices. “Patients expect a change in healthcare that extends to how we innovate, and take decisions regarding healthcare products. In theory, there is increasing agreement that patient centred healthcare is the way forward. But the translation into practice is still lacking” Laurène stated.

She also stressed the need for patient centred healthcare and for the concrete support of decision-makers via adequate legislation. Adding that policy makers should take forward-thinking decisions, notably through supporting patient involvement in the upcoming EU Medical Devices Regulation.

EPF Board Member Robert Johnstone also participated in a panel focusing on ensuring medical device access for all.  He pointed out that patients’ access to medical devices is crucial at various stage of their care, yet the issue has received little attention at EU level. After providing example of the hurdles patients face in access to devices, he concluded “patients face multiple barriers to access and these various dimensions need to be addressed involving all health stakeholders, as part of coordinated strategy.”

The report of the event will be published here

Contact: Laurène Souchet, Policy Adviser: laurene.souchet@eu-patient.eu