EPF Youth Group Roundtable on Transition to Adult Care


The EPF Youth Group will be hosting a Roundtable on Transition to Adult Care on 21 March in Brussels. The objectives will be to raise awareness of the challenges and potential pitfalls that young patients face when transitioning to adult care, to contribute to building a safe support network and to highlight best healthcare practices for the transition process. 

Transition to adult care is a delicate process within the healthcare system, involving a wide range of stakeholders including hospital and health managers, policy-makers, health professionals, young patients, and their families. Poor coordination of responsibilities during the transition can have negative psychological effects on young patients, which can lead to a lack of trust in health professionals and in the healthcare system. With this Roundtable event, the EPF Youth Group wants explore this topic.

This Roundtable should ultimately make a valuable contribution towards fostering better health policy and health outcomes for young patients on either end of the child/adult care spectrum. Roundtable attendees will include representatives of patient organisations, healthcare professionals, health organisations, family carers, parents’ organisations, youth organisations, MEPs, and representatives of Member States. The Youth Group is looking forward to a lively debate and to developing concrete recommendations that will lead to increased cooperation and understanding between young patients and healthcare professionals.

 Contact: Danielle Flores, Junior Project Officer, danielle.flores@eu-patient.eu