Integrated Care Conference: Patients as Central Partners


Kaisa Immonen from EPF Secretariat and Robert Johnstone, from the EPF board, both attended the International Conference on Integrated Care on 23-25 May 2016, in Barcelona. The conference is organised annually by the International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC).

Kaisa had the opportunity to present the EPF empowerment campaign and the Patient’s Charter on Patient Empowerment in Plenary session 3, “Advancing People-Centred and Integrated Care” on 24 May.  “This was the first time EPF was invited to participate in the International Conference on Integrated Care. It was a great opportunity to talk about their work in the empowerment campaign to very large audience: the conference was attended by over 1000 people and many of them are professionals working on the ground are academics doing research on integrated care,” she said.

Kaisa also participated in another workshop presenting the results of the EMPATHIE project together with our project partner Rosa Sunol from Spain; and took part as a panellist in the “Manage Care” symposium co-organised by our member organisation IDF Europe, discussing key findings of the project related to self-care and patient empowerment in diabetes.

IFIC welcomes patients in its governing board

Robert chaired a session entitled “Assessing and acting on patients and providers’ experiences and preferences” and another one under the title “Patient satisfaction and expectations” and of course added his valuable patient insights into the discussions.

More informal discussions also took place during the conference with IFIC on how to increase patient participation in the Foundation and in the conference. A decision has been made to invite a patient representative to sit on the IFIC board.

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All the presentations from the conference, as well as videos, are available for viewing and downloading at the conference website:


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Kaisa Immonen, Director of Policy.