Patient Empowerment Charter: 10 Fundamental Principles


An important milestone of the Patient Empowerment Campaign is the delivery of a Charter encapsulating the ‘cardinal rules’ of patient empowerment. The document outlines “what really matters” to patients.

The Charter can be used as an advocacy and political tool to promote actions on the ground and at policy level. The aim was that this document is co-developed with and “owned” by patient communities across the EU, and supported by other stakeholders.

The consultation process is almost over and a final version of the Charter shall be soon ready for publication and dissemination.

The Charter will be designed as a poster that can be displayed anywhere, and used to promote action and culture change “on the ground” in the healthcare environment, or at policy level. Available in several languages, patient organisations will be able use it as an important advocacy tool for their activities.

The charter will be launched at the closing exhibition of our Patient Empowerment Campaign. We will also present a “Roadmap for action”, a document which will outline concrete actions different stakeholders such as policymakers, health professionals’ associations, and others can take to promote patient empowerment at different levels.

Contact: Kaisa Immonen-Charalambous, Director of Policy: