Strengthening the Capacity of Patient Organisations in Bulgaria

The thematic training on communication in Bulgaria started in November 2015. Ten organisations are currently participating in the programme and will develop a communication strategy and dedicated projects with the support of local experts.

Following the development of strategic plans in the first phase of the Capacity Building Programme (CBP), a thematic training module on communication was launched in November 2015. The module is being rolled out with support of a team of communications experts from Remark Consulting. 

The first training workshop of the thematic module took place in January 2016. The meeting provided organisations with both theoretical and practical knowledge, and the sessions generated lively discussions. ‘The consultants perfectly combined scientific information and practical skills. The workshop was motivating and encouraging and we had a chance to step up  our existing experience’ noted Yuliya Georgia, Diabet Razgrad.

Each participating organisation will now focus on developing a tailor-made communication strategy, and a project of interest, with the support of the local experts. This will allow the organisations to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the training and to develop a project and/or communication tools that can contribute to advance the organisation’s communication work. ‘The training was not only useful but also enjoyable – using the right language and giving an opportunity for us to participate actively in the discussions. I hope the practical work of the future sessions will give me additional confidence to apply what I have learnt so far’ noted Mila Stancheva, National Patient Organisation.

A second face to face training workshop will take place before the end of the training module. The participating organisations, together with the local experts, will be provided with an opportunity to either organise a workshop to complete their projects and strategies or to apply the newly acquired skills into a ‘real-life’ situation, for example in a press conference.

Five new organisations have joined the CBP activities in November 2015 and so far the feedback received has been very positive and encouraging. ‘This is the first time I participate in a training module organised by the European Patients’ Forum and so far my impressions are great. I am looking forward to the upcoming meetings. I am sure this training will be useful for all of us as the workshops so far are very practical and interesting’ noted Silvana Lesidrenska, Hepactive.

The training module is expected to be completed by end-April 2016. For more information about the programme activities please have a look at our dedicated webpage.

Contact: Walter Atzori, Director of Programmes and Operations,