Supporting Member’s Capacity in Cyprus


Cyprus was the latest country to join the EPF Capacity Building Programme (CBP). Major changes in the healthcare system and the need to ensure the representation of patients’ interests prompted the Pancyprian Federation of Families and Friends (the Federation) to seek support to develop its first strategic and operational plan.

EPF facilitated the development of the first strategic and operational plan for its Cypriot member in 2015, within the framework of the CBP. The programme aims to enable patient organisations to be more effective in achieving their mission and, to this end, support is provided to develop the organisational capacity of participating organisations.

Workshops with the Federation’s member organisations and leadership were conducted launching the strategic and operational planning process. The workshops provided participants with an opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss the work of the Federation, its vision and mission.

‘For the Federation it is very important that for the first time a strategy plan is in place, with clear goals that need to be achieved, and also actions and activities that can be evaluated in order to see the impact to the patients and to the work of the Federation. The whole process was very encouraging and the workshops were a good opportunity to bring the members together to discuss common problems and challenges’, noted one of the participants in the evaluation questionnaire.

The development of the strategic and operational plans has contributed to the Federation’s ongoing efforts to give patients a stronger voice on decisions impacting patients at the national level. The plans have helped the secretariat not only to focus on its priorities but also to but also to strengthen dialogue with the institutions such as the Ministry of Health, and the Parliament concerning the ongoing reforms of healthcare. Having their own strategic and operational plan gave a prestigious status at the federation and as a direct impact the Federation saw its membership grow to 31 members.

Furthermore a significant piece of legislation for patients has been prepared and discussions are ongoing aiming at institutionalising the participation of the Federation of Patients, as  it is now considered as a key partner with whom the state and several institutions  shall consult for health issues.

Contact: Camille Bullot, EPF Membership & Stakeholder Manager,