PRO-STEP Final Conference – Sharing Results On Self-Management In Patients With Chronic Conditions

The final conference of the EU-funded PRO-STEP pilot project will take place in Brussels on 23 and 24 October 2017. Around 100 delegates are expected to attend the event where the projects’ preliminary outcomes will be presented.

The conference aims to gather views on the topic of self-management in chronic conditions, how it can be promoted, and how it can contribute to improved quality of life and sustainability of health systems.

This event will also be the opportunity to draw the conclusions on the trilogy of studies EMPATHiE/PiSCE/PRO-STEP and discuss steps forward. Invitees from different backgrounds and Member States will contribute to the conference to stimulate fruitful discussions.

The PRO-STEP project - Pilot project on Promoting Self-management for Chronic Diseases in the EU - is a pilot project financed by the European Union that focuses on self-management in chronic conditions, its impact and added-value for the sustainability of healthcare systems including cost-benefits analysis, as well as enablers and barriers.

The project aims to:

1)      identify;

2)      validate;

3)      exchange;

4)      and disseminate good practices on self-management of chronic diseases and to facilitate their scaling up and transfer across local, regional and national borders.

The final results of the pilot project will be submitted to the European Commission in early 2018, and will certainly boost discussions on how to better implement and integrate self-management good practices in evolving healthcare systems.

The preliminary agenda of the event can be found here:

More information about the PRO-STEP pilot project can be found here: