September 2017 - EPF Promotes the Patients’ Perspective to European Projects

In 2017, EPF carried on its active role in several EU-funded projects, advancing the involvement of patients in topics that matter to them.  

This year saw the final conferences of three projects:

    • JA CHRODIS: The “EU Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life-cycle” - JA-CHRODIS held its final conference in February in Brussels. The event marked the end of a three-year journey involving a consortium of 71 partners from 25 Member States, under the leadership of the Spanish Health Institute Carlos III. EPF contributed to the achievement of the CHRODIS’ objectives and facilitated the integration of patients’ views in the definition of quality criteria for the selection of good practices on patient empowerment, diabetes and multi-morbidity. Read more.
    • Pisce: The final conference of the EU-funded PISCE tender project took place in March. Around 100 delegates came together to present the study’s main results, and to discuss the possibilities for self-care and the development of new good practices towards the necessary transformation of health systems to empower citizens. Read more.
    • PRO STEP: The final conference took place in October and gathered almost 100 participants. It was the opportunity for partners to present the main outcomes of the project and to discuss further collaborations on self-management for patients with chronic conditions in the EU. The key message arising from the event was that the huge challenges faced by Europe’s healthcare systems need investment both at national and EU level. Read more.

Other ongoing projects where EPF is playing an active include Adapt Smart, PREFER and EUnetHTA JA3. 

2017 also provided EPF with opportunities to join new projects: including the new JA CHRODIS+, which was launched in September 2017, in continuity with the Joint Action CHRODIS (2014-2017), with the clear mandate to uptake and implement at national level the cross-national initiatives selected by CHRODIS to reduce the burden of chronic diseases. EPF will play a critical role in the Joint Action, by ensuring the patient perspective in the design and conduction of the pilots and feed into the employment workstream. Read more

EPF has already confirmed its involvement in some projects starting in 2018, so stay tuned for more details on these upcoming collaborations. 

For more information about EPF’s participation in EU projects, please contact Valentina Strammiello, EPF Programme Officer.