COMPAR-EU and EPF 2019 – read what’s next for this year

COMPAR-EU is a multimethod, inter-disciplinary project that will contribute to bridging the gap between current knowledge and practice of self-management interventions. COMPAR-EU, which began in January 2018, aims to identify, compare, and rank the most effective and cost-effective self-management interventions for adults in Europe living with type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure.

EPF plays a major role in identifying key patient-prioritised outcomes as reported in the literature for each of the four chronic conditions by organising and executing a Delphi Consensus Process (last year). These tasks are aimed at ensuring that patients’ views and gender and socioeconomic dimensions, that could potentially affect equity, are taken into account throughout the whole lifecycle of the project. At the same time EPF is adapting, and “translating”, key project outputs into a lay summary in patient language. The idea here is for these outputs to be easily understood and useful to the patient community. Another priority for EPF this year will be to make sure representatives of the patient community are meaningfully involved in the project, via several interactive and reflective activities, such as:

1) Online webinars involving the EPF membership – more information will be available next month;

2) Small working groups composed of interested patient representatives and/or patients who attended the Berlin Delphi Workshop last year;

3) Members of the EPF Youth Group;

A central role for EPF in the COMPAR-EU project is to ensure active, meaningful and strong patient presence from the very beginning until the end, which will  significantly contribute to the validation of the project outcomes and achievements. The COMPAR-EU project has a brand new blog, please visit : and feel free to subscribe to the COMPAR-EU newsletter here.