Introducing the Netherlands Patient Federation (Patiëntenfederatie, Nederland)

We are delighted to welcome Patiëntenfederatie Nederland to our EPF family! The Netherlands Patients Federation represents more than 200 patient organisations across diseases. We asked them a few questions in order to get to know them better.

Why does your organisation exist?

Because we believe that united patients organisations are much stronger.  They can advocate for issues and themes they have in common (like health insurance and medicines). Together they have a stronger voice. They can inspire each other and learn from each other. And it’s more efficient to divide tasks. 

What is your biggest achievement as an organisation?

  • Nowadays shared decision-making is on the agenda of very many healthcare providers
  • In general patient participation is on the agenda of many stakeholders in the sector
  • We are proud of our ‘tripadvisor’ for the healthcare sector ( with 700.000 patients reviews on doctors and healthcare providers

What’s on the top of your agenda?

  • Patients are well informed and can make validated decisions about which health care provider and which treatment
  • Shared decision making
  • Quality of life, quality of care, value-based healthcare
  • eHealth
  • Availability, affordability and accessibility of medicine and medical devices
  • Patient participation

What is for you the key benefit of your organisation’s involvement in EPF?

To be better informed what is happening at European level related to policy making that has an impact at the national level. To contribute to the upscaling of eHealth.

For further information please contact Klaartje Spijkers, Senior Project Manager.