The 4th edition of the European Health Parliament officially comes to a close

The closing session of the European Health Parliament (EHP) took place on 2 April. It officially brought the edition to a close by presenting the recommendations issued by the group of young EHPers. As part of the overall aim to call on European and national decision makers to take action to improve the health of all citizens, they tabled recommendationsfor the upcoming European Parliament and Commission in the following five areas: data for healthy societies, health literacy, mental health, value of innovation, and air pollution.

As chair of the afternoon discussion aimed at commenting the EHP recommendations, EPF’s Secretary General Nicola Bedlington was joined by Herman Van Rompuy, Philippe de Backer, and many other prolific speakers. EHP President Katarina Gatialova and Zeger Vercouteren from Johnson & Johnson made some concluding remarks reinforcing the importance of the youth perspective on the future of health and encouraging policymakers to act quickly.

 More information on the European Health Parliament here.