Inauguration of EATRIS-Plus Project in Personalised Medicine

May 2020

On 13 February 2020, the Horizon 2020-funded project EATRIS-Plus held its kick-off meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Patient organisations, academia and industry representatives from 16 different countries gathered in Lisbon to inaugurate the project’s start. The event was hosted by INFARMED, the Portuguese medicines agency and EATRIS representative in the country. EATRIS-Plus will run for 48 months, and is coordinated by the EATRIS ERIC network.

EATRIS-Plus will deliver innovative scientific tools to the research community to accelerate the progress of personalised medicine. This approach collects an individual’s molecular information to make treatment decisions that are specific to them. The project will aim to improve the understanding, data-sharing and clinical needs of how gene, protein, mRNA and metabolite analysis will directly impact Personalised Medicine Solutions. This has enormous value for patients, as it can reduce trial-and-error treatments, enable better choices for determining which medications would be most effective, and it can help to manage rising healthcare costs    

EPF will lead on Stakeholder Engagement. We will deliver a Patient Advisory Committee to drive patient empowerment at the heart of EATRIS operations and develop a patient involvement toolkit for translational researchers. We will also leverage our network to support in the international collaboration aspects of the work, including promoting more patient-driven research, launching a joint advocacy programme, and position papers with patient perspectives which are central to the work of the project.

To learn more about the project, you can head over to the EATRIS-PLUS webpage.

For more on EPF’s role and the benefits for patients, visit our dedicated project page.