High time for enhanced European coordination and competence on health

28 May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed gaps and weaknesses in health systems that the patient community has long been aware of. It has also brought home once again the importance of a strong European public health policy designed to meet the needs of Europeans. It is crucial to turn our attention towards enhanced European collaboration and competence to ensure our health systems emerge from it stronger, more prepared and more people-centred.

We believe citizens and patients have clearly voiced their expectations for the EU to do more on health. In many cases, the EU already can do more: it simply needs a united political will and the necessary resources.

We urge  EU decision-makers to ensure that the Union exercises the full extent of its powers and instruments in the field of public health to do more now, while evaluating whether health competences in the Treaties will ensure capacity to cope with future pandemics, but also to deliver a healthy and cohesive future for its people.

Read more about our vision for the future of healthcare in the EU for all patients, our recommendations and key asks of the EU Commission here: EPF Statement - High time for enhanced European coordination and competence on health.pdf