EPF Data Strategy and AI White Paper Consultation

EPF on behalf of its members is coordinating a response to the public consultation that the European Commission has launched on two key elements of its new digital strategy (published in February 2020): the Data Strategy and the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence. EPF intends to respond to both consultations and release a supplementary brief statement to summarise our response and address issues not included in the public consultation.

To conduct this double consultation as efficiently as possible, we would like to collect your feedback both through two dedicated webinars and two editable Google Docs.

The two consultation webinars will take place via GoToMeeting on 4 and 5 May between 14:00 and 15:15 CET. During both webinars we will go through the two consultation documents, collect your feedback and address key issues. The double date is to facilitate the participation of as many members as possible. Please choose the date that suits you best (one only), as both webinars will have the same content. You can access the webinars using the links below:

Your feedback will be also collected through two Google Docs (links available below). Please insert your feedback by Monday 25 May by 12:00 Brussels time. Once your inputs have been collected, these will be integrated in EPF’s responses to the consultations via the online questionnaires, and in a supplementary brief statement, summarising EPF’s response and addressing issues not included in the public consultation.

HOW TO SHARE YOUR INPUTS ON GOOGLE DOCS? When clicking on the Google Docs links, you will access the documents in ‘suggesting mode’. To insert your feedback, please add your inputs in writing in the dedicated text boxes under each question (see examples in the docs). Alternatively, if you wish to simply leave a comment, highlight the section/text you wish to comment and either ‘right click’ and click on comment OR click on Insert and then comment.

To inform your feedback, the EPF Secretariat is glad to provide you with an info package featuring key documents on data and AI. We invite you to consult the documents, in particular the Briefing Paper, before joining next week’s webinars and providing your inputs.