EPF Youth Group looking for new members

The EPF Youth Group is looking for new members!

  •  Are you a young patient advocate?
  •  Are you between the ages of 18 and 30?
  •  Are you passionate about building a better future for young patients?

Then become a member of the EPF Youth Group!

The EPF Youth Group is currently made of 10 young and motivated patient advocates and carers from all over Europe. Their aim is to become the reference group of the young patient community and their role is to communicate the needs and expectations of young patients to EPF and its members. Youth Group members are expected to advocate on behalf of all young patients to ensure the youth perspective is provided and to actively promote the involvement of young patients within patient organisations at both the European and national level.

What are the requirements to become a Youth Group member?

  • Be an EU citizen between the ages of 15-29,
  • Have a chronic condition (OR be an experienced and passionate patient advocate and/or carer),
  • Be nominated by a patient organisation which is a member of EPF (but not an employee of this organisation),
  • Have a working knowledge of English,
  • Be committed to attending 2-3 physical meetings every year,
  • Show strong motivation and willingness to take a proactive role in engaging with the young patient community,
  • Be able to work well within a cross-cultural team with fairness, integrity and respect

Once an EPF Youth Group member you are expected to:

  • Attend the semi-annual in-person meetings (Spring and Fall) and report main outcomes and conclusions back to their organisation,
  • Participate in group teleconferences and social media communication,
  • Help the EPF Secretariat develop and implement projects and initiatives to accomplish the goals of the EPF Youth Strategy,
  • Provide feedback, views and opinions and bring youth issues and opportunities to the EPF Youth Group.

To apply to the EPF Youth Group, send an email by 10 January 2021 to 
youthgroup@eu-patient.eu with: