Have you participated in a clinical trial? EU PEARL wants to hear from you

EU PEARL has launched a call for testimonials to collect feedback on patient’s experience participating in clinical trials. If you have participated in a clinical trial and have feedback to share, you can write to us in 3-5 sentences about your experience. Your testimonial will be shared on the EU PEARL and EPF twitter accounts in a dedicated template, and will also be housed in the EU PEARL website.

This work will help EU PEARL to engage patients and their relatives or carers from the start by incorporating real perspectives which will play a central role in clinical trial designs. Engaging with patients and people with relevant experiences in clinical trials help to include more patient-relevant frameworks and outcomes.

By submitting your testimonial, you agree to having your quote published on the EU PEARL and EPF twitter accounts, and on the EU PEARL website. You may choose to use your name, or we can publish your quote anonymously.

You can mail your contributions to  patients@eu-pearl.eu.  

About the EU-PEARL –EU-PEARL brings together patients, clinicians, industry, researchers and authorities to collaborate in shaping the future of clinical trials. EU-PEARL aims to transform the way clinical trials are conducted by creating an innovative framework that incorporates patients’ perspectives. Ultimately, this will improve and speed up drug development processes, and bring about new and more effective treatments, faster. The project framework will support better health and care for patients by promoting a ground-breaking collaborative paradigm

This project is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative , a partnership of the European Union and the pharmaceutical industry to support research and innovation in life-science. To learn more about EU PEARL, you can head to the project website by following this link. To learn more about the role of EPF in the project, head to the dedicated project page here.