PARADIGM presents PE Toolbox and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The PARADIGM project, co-led by EPF, aims to make patient engagement easier for all is coming to an end. During the last session at the Patient Engagement Open Forum, co-organised with PFMD and EUPATI, the consortium presented two main outputs of the projects, the Patient Engagement Toolbox and the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework with metrics.

The PARADIGM Patient Engagement (PE) Toolbox* centralises PARADIGM’s co-created recommendations, tools and relevant background information in one place to effectively facilitate their availability and usage.

When it comes to patient engagement in medicines development, capturing the ‘return on engagement’ is complex, given the many factors that influence the impact of the activity. The Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks connects the dots between metrics to understand how patient engagement translates into impact and why initiatives fail or succeed. It also allows participants to select what metrics they value and assess to what extent patient engagement has contributed.

The recordings of the session are available here:

For more information, contact the PARADIGM’s lead Mathieu Boudes at

Disclaimer: *The PE Toolbox is being developed during the month of September. You can still access these pages, but please note that they will not be completed before end of month. This means that you might see shifting things, test pages, draft content, etc. To access the finalised and ready-to-use toolbox, please come back at the end of September.