2021 Year in Review - EPF Membership & Capacity Building

EPF membership & capacity building EPF Membership & Capacity Building - 2021 Year in Review

In 2021, the Membership, Governance and Capacity Building team continued its work to support the EPF Board, the EPF members, and the Youth Group, while also introducing some novelties.

During the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM), EPF members elected one new Board member, Manuel Arellano, from The Spanish Platform of Patients.

In addition to the reconfirmation of the other Board Members, for the second time, a seat on the Board was granted to a representative of the EPF Youth Group, won by Erin Davies from the International Bureau for Epilepsy. Marco Greco was re-elected as EPF President.

Moreover,  EPF happily welcomed two new full members, Global Heart Hub and Europa UOMO, and two associate members, FH Europe and Global Skin!

Each member has now received personalised membership certificates recognizing their contributions to EPF's work. The team also introduced the EPF Members’ Circle, to promote dialogue and networking with and among EPF members across Europe.

The Members’ Circles are planned as webinars where EPF members have a space to share their experience, network with their fellow members and learn from each other in an unofficial and fun online setting. This year, three Members’ Circles were successfully carried out, one on Capacity Building and two on the topic of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

For 2022, the team intends to continue to create meeting opportunities between EPF members through the Members’ Circles and looks forward to further strengthening EPF representation of patients organisations in Europe.