Call for Interest: Join the HEU-EFS Patient Advisory Group

The European Patients Forum (EPF) and Global Heart Hub (GHH) are pleased to announce a call for representatives for a Patient Advisory Group (PAG) for the project ‘Harmonised Approach to Early Feasibility Studies for Medical Devices in the European Union (HEU-EFS)’. Early Feasibility Studies (EFS) are small-scale research studies or tests done in the very early stages of developing a medical device or treatment to see if it is practical, safe, and worth pursuing further. EFS help assess whether an idea or concept has potential before investing more time and resources into full-scale development and testing.

By increasing innovation in Europe, an overarching goal is for patients in Europe to have access to new, more innovative, safe, and effective medical devices.

Find out more about the project here on EPF’s website and here on GHH website. Also check out our official project website here.


The PAG represents the hub for patient centricity and patient engagement across the project implementation. It aims to discuss and provide recommendations for structured patient contribution to Early Feasibility Studies, in short EFS, (e.g. time and type of involvement) to make more patient-centred medical devices. The PAG will operate in connection with all relevant working groups. EPF and GHH will support the work of the PAG.

We are searching for a group of maximum 10 individuals to ensure representation of profiles from different geographies, disease areas, genders, age ranges and levels of health literacy. We are looking for patients, family members/carers of patients, or employees/volunteers of a patient organisation in any of these disease areas: cardiovascular, neurological, orthopaedic, diabetes.


General (for all applicants):

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be from one of the following countries: EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway
  • Representatives don’t need to be proficient in the topic but need to indicate a strong interest in medical devices, early feasibility studies and digital health
  • Availability to travel to the project’s general assembly meetings once a year (within Europe)

Experience (advantageous) 

  • Previous experience of being involved in multi-stakeholder projects is advantageous
  • Previous experience of participating in events, workshops, studies (e.g. surveys, focus groups, interviews), or similar about innovation and development of medical devices is advantageous


  • Able to communicate clearly and always in a respectful and inclusive manner
  • Able to work comfortably in an online environment
  • Maintaining confidentiality when required
  • Able to interpret large blocks of information and contribute to discussions


  • Be willing and confident to participate in meetings and group conversations, sharing views and making arguments
  • Be collaborative and constructive but prepared to provide and receive challenging input

Foreseen activities

The members of the group will attend several meetings:

  • The PAG’s regular online meetings
  • The project’s Annual General meetings: once a year face-to-face where about 3 members from the PAG will be able to attend; a virtual mid-term session per year (first one is 10 April 2024)
  • Other meetings with project consortium partners as needed
  • The induction meeting (online) at the end of March (to be confirmed)
  • eLearning activities (online) foreseen in spring 2024


Each participant will receive compensation during the time of commitment. Travel and accommodation for in-person meetings will also be covered.


Please complete the application form online here. The application form consists of questions about your personal details (name, country of residence, experience), short questions about your motivation for applying, a declaration of interest, and information on how EPF will process your personal information.

Please do not forget to attach your CV to the application form. Please submit your application form online with attached supporting documents by Tuesday, 20 February 2024 (COB, CET).


  • 1 February – launch of the call
  • 20 February – close of the call
  • 28/29 February 2024 – short calls with shortlisted applications


  1. The information will be evaluated by both EPF and GHH staff working on the project;
  2. After the evaluation of applications, shortlisted candidates will be invited to an informal conversation as part of the selection process (max 20 minutes). This is not an interview, and you are not expected to prepare for it;
  3. If you are selected, the next steps will be confirmed in future communications;
  4. Everyone who applies will be notified about the outcome.

The informal conversations as per point 3 above will take place on February 28 (all day) and February 29 in the morning. More information and the possibility to select a slot on one of those days will be provided to those shortlisted.

If you have further questions, you are very welcome to contact us: Yasemin Zeisl at EPF ( and Silvia Scalabrini at GHH (

Thank you very much for your continuous support in our activities. We really look forward to working together on this worthwhile and ambitious project.

Best wishes, EPF & GHH