Upcoming EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029

Integrating Social and Health ambitions into the next EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029

EPF has joined organisations representing EU social and health stakeholders, in addressing an open letter to the Council of the European Union and Member States, regarding the upcoming EU strategic agenda 2024-2029. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has pointed out the critical need for strong and adaptable health and social protection systems. Addressing the simultaneous issues of population aging, climate change, rising living costs, and healthcare accessibility and affordability requires prioritising health and social concerns appropriately. By doing so, the EU can forge a future-ready European Union equipped with resilient and sustainable social security and healthcare systems.

As such, we believe the social and health dimensions should be included as priorities in the Strategic Agenda 2024-2029 and given the necessary attention at EU level. 

You can read the full letter here