Evaluation of the 2012-2014 Programme

An evaluation of the 2012-2014 programme identified following key outputs and outcomes

  • 40 organisations (33 national and 7 pan-European patient groups) received training and successfully completed the CBP activities
  • Organisations developed strategic, operational and fundraising plans, most of them for the first time: activities provided organisations with the skills and tools to develop plans in the future
  • Activities helped organisations to re-think approaches to work:  the activities provided the organisations with an opportunity to re-think their activities, assess the needs of the organisation and set priorities
  • The plans developed increased credibility vis-à-vis external stakeholders, such as donors and policy-makers: the strategic and operational plans show that organisations know what they want to do and how
  • The planning process increased collaboration and involvement of members into the work of the organisations
  • The training strengthened collaboration between organisations: the activities encourage the exchange of experiences and practices, and helped generating synergies between organisations’ work
  • Increased understanding of patient organisations needs has led some of the trainers to identify opportunities for future work and to continue to work with the organisations outside the CBP framework

The evaluation summary of findings can be found here.