The following are the modules that are most commonly part of our programme activities:

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Session 1: Vision and mission development
  • Session 2: Development of strategic goals, objectives and key strategic action fields
  • Session 3: Operational planning
  • Session 4: Mid-Term review of Strategic Plans

Fundraising and Resource Development

  • Session 1: Fundraising and sustainable fundraising concepts and techniques
  • Session 2: Development of fundraising strategies and action plans
  • Session 3: Accessing EU Funding Opportunities at the national level
  • Session 4: Embedding accountability and transparency knowledge into existing trainings

Strategic Communication and Relationships

  • Session 1: Presentation skills, in general
  • Session 2: Communication channels and communication tools (pro & cons)
  • Session 3: Building messages for targeted audience (ex.: decision-makers, donors, members etc.) 
  • Session 4: Development of communication strategies, action plans and/or campaigns
  • Session 5: Embedding transparency knowledge into existing trainings

Other modules may include: Governance and Leadership, Advocacy, Ethics and Transparency, Sustainability of Patient Organisations etc.