STYPA 2020 - Shaping The Future of Patient Advocacy

What is it?

The Summer Training Course for Young Patients Advocates (STYPA) – Leadership Programme is an exciting and unique opportunity offering a tailored high-quality training to young patient advocates or representatives, who have the motivation to learn more about advocacy and maximise their leadership potentials in a real environment. Our vision for STYPA is to create a platform where young patient advocates would empower, inspire, and learn from each other on an annual basis.

What is the topic?

This year’s topic will once again look at how patient advocacy is evolving and facing emerging challenges and opportunities, and the importance of keeping a strong ethical approach. Young patients’ voices are increasingly heard by regulatory bodies such as EMA, industry, HTA bodies, and policy makers, to ensure that their perspective is not missed to inform the decision-making process. As usual, these opportunities raise questions around the representativeness of those bringing the patient perspective, their potential conflict of interest or risk of bias depending on the role patient advocates play in which context. Through the training course, EPF will raise awareness among the new generation of young patient advocates on current challenges, obstacles, opportunities and will share good practises for ethical patient advocacy in complex environments.

Where and when?

The training is divided in three phases:

1) Online Introduction (May - June), consisting of two webinars and some individual work up to one hour per week.

2) Face to face training: the training course will be held in Vienna, Austria from Sunday 5 July (evening) through Wednesday 8 July (afternoon) 2020.

3) Online mentoring and team project development (July - October): during this phase the trainers will split participants in teams.

Trainers will provide teams with both collective and individual guidance and support, in terms of their potential leadership capacities and/or specific advocacy issues they may have. At the end of the programme, trainers will organise a final closing virtual event (October 2020) and nominate the team that has most advanced on the tasks and integrated the learnings of the training course.

Participants must be able to attend the entire training course programme consisting in the three phases.

Who should apply?

All applicants must be:

  • Young patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who is affiliated with a patient organisation,
  • Young patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who is not affiliated with a patient organisation,
  • Young employees or volunteers of a patient organisation,
  • Alternatively, a family member/carer of a young patient with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition can attend the training if he/she accompanies a young advocate and is at the same time an active patient advocate.
  • 18 - 30 years of age
  • From and/or living in Europe.

Read the full advocacy code of conduct drafted by some of the participants in 2019.

We will welcome applications from those who participated in the 2018 and 2019 edition and are motivated to continue their leadership training and development with us!

How to apply?

Please fill in your application via this link.

Applications will be accepted until midnight on 1 March 2020. After 1 March, no applications will be accepted or considered!

All accepted applicants will be notified by 30 March 2020 at the latest. 

Please note: travel and accommodation costs will be covered by EPF.

If you have any additional questions or troubles with your application, please contact EPF Secretariat member Borislava Ananieva (

Good luck!