World Duchenne Awareness Day

To help the World Duchenne Organisation (WDO) raise awareness for World Duchenne Day download their press kit and learn more about Duchenne, Becker MD and this year's theme 'Duchenne and the Brain' here:

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative genetic condition which causes weakness and eventual loss of use in muscles of affected boys because of the absence of the dystrophin protein. 

The disease occurs in around 1 in every 5,000 live male births around the world, meaning that while it’s rare, it also is relatively common and present in every country around the world. This led to the idea of creating a global day to raise awareness about the disease with a new educational theme each year. 

World Duchenne Awareness Day is now in its sixth year with events around the world.

  • The World Duchenne Organization created an awareness campaign ‘Together, we are stronger’ where we show that even in the COVID emergency, we can turn negative emotions into positive moments. This video has been translated in 10 languages and counting.
  • This year’s educational theme is ‘Duchenne and the Brain’. 
  • On September 7, we’re hosting a free educational livestream where clinicians, researchers and families share their stories and knowledge on DMD/BMD and the brain.

The WDAD press kit containing materials is currently translated in 15 languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Russian.