Ongoing Projects

Here you can find all the details and information about the European projects the EPF is working on, as a leader or as a partner.


EATRIS Plus aims to provide research services, combined expertise, and high-end technologies in translational medicine


EU PEARL aims to make clinical trials more efficient and patient friendly


Running EPF-led academy that educates patient representatives and the lay public about all processes involved in medicines development.

Digital Health Europe

Digital Health Europe (DHE) is a Horizon 2020 initiative within the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The objective of the project is to provide comprehensive, centralised support to the digital transformation of health and care (DTHC) priorities of the Digital Single Market.


The general aim of COMPAR-EU is to identify, compare, and rank the most effective and cost-effective self-management interventions (including preventive and management domains) for adults living with four high-priority chronic diseases today.


By comparing patients who are not going through immune therapy with patients who are, IMMUcan hopes to build up a detailed picture of the tumour and its microenvironment, and the impact of current treatments. This information could be used to further improve existing treatments and to develop new ones.


Non-EPF led EHDEN (European Health Data and Evidence Network) project was launched as a public-private partnership under the framework of IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative).