Supporting the growing network of EUPATI National Platforms

One of the core activities for EUPATI in 2018 is the continued support for growing network of EUPATI National Platforms (ENPs).

EUPATI National Platforms bring patient, academic, and industry partners together to discuss patient education and patient involvement in medicines research and development (R&D). Working together, National Platforms raise awareness about the important role of patients, and members identify challenges and opportunities for joint action and patient involvement at national level.

Road to Berlin: National Platform Network AGM

The EUPATI Management Team is currently busy planning the ENP Capacity Building Workshop for 2018 and the 2018 EUPATI National Platform Network Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held 8 and 9 May in Berlin.

The Capacity Building workshop on the first day of the meeting will focus on working through common key issues arising within ENPs. The workshop sessions will focus on ENP fundraising and the challenges of setting up as a legal entity, as well as translation issues, relationship management, and the optimum structure for an ENP as a public-private-partnership.

On the second day, we will hold the ENP AGM which will welcome representatives from both established and emerging ENPs. The programme will focus on providing central ENP updates from the EUPATI ENP Coordinator, Gemma Killeen. The AGM also provides the opportunity for ENP representatives to explore and expand on the regional groupings established at the 2017 AGM, as well the chance to identify synergies and opportunities that arise from working across countries and regions.

Both of these events will ensure the growth and sustainability of the ENPs, highlighting their added value as an essential part of the EUPATI network.

A webinar to warm up

Before May, EUPATI is organising a webinar on Building Relationships with Stakeholders at the Local Level on 15 March 2018, from 17:00 to 18:30 CET.

Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships at the local level is vital to building a strong EUPATI National Platform (ENP). In this webinar, they will examine and discuss four key challenges facing ENPs today – finding common ground, promoting partnership and managing tokenism, managing and motivating volunteers and producing measurable outputs. Join in the discussions, share your perspective and ask your questions in the Q&A session.

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