Welcome to Adriana and Zuzanna!

In the last few weeks, two new colleagues joined our secretariat in Brussels, adding invaluable support to our team day-to-day office activities.

Adriana Pereira joined EPF in November 2018. As Team Assistant, she is responsible for the day-to-day support of EPF, as well as assisting in office management and administrative tasks. Adriana has a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and a master’s in Public Health, both from Lund University in Sweden. Before joining EPF, Adriana was a junior consultant and intern for WHO at the Regional Office for Europe where she worked on social determinants of health particularly the linkages between gender and health. As a Portuguese citizen and having lived in more than five European countries, Adriana brings a wide array of public health experiences and a strong background in administration, projects and youth advocacy for better public health policies.

Zuzanna Skowronek joined EPF in November 2018. As the Events Officer she is responsible for organizing, planning and coordinating Events and EPF meetings, as well as managing travel arrangements. As a Polish citizen, Zuzanna has a Masters’ degree in Law from the University of Silesia and completed various courses in Alternative Dispute Resolutions and mediation. Before joining an EPF she worked in law firm and was responsible for organizing events in cooperation with University of Silesia, whilst carrying out research on patients’ rights in Poland.

A warm welcome to both of them!