An Ambitious Agreement on EU4Health Programme

Following a press release issued by the European Parliament yesterday evening, the European Parliament, DG SANTE and the Council of the EU have finally reached an agreement for an ambitious European program in the field of health for the period 2021-2027.

EPF congratulates co-legislators on yesterday’s promising and timely provisional agreement on the European Health Program 2021-2027 (EU4Health). This ambitious agreement represents an important opportunity to build stronger, patient-centred, health systems that can provide care to all, under all circumstances. 

The agreed budget of 5.1 billion euros is an important recognition of the need to invest in Europe’s health, responding to the expectations of European patients and citizens.

EPF particularly welcomes the, as MEP Véronique Trillet-Lenoir stated, “major advances made when it comes to the role of associations and non-governmental organizations and that co-legislators have agreed on a new article making it mandatory to consult specialised associations and NGOs when developing annual work programs.”  

These promising developments are essential to an inclusive programme, ultimately benefitting patients and citizens in Europe. Patient organisations are vital stakeholders in future policy discussions, and together with our 75 national and European members, we are fully committed to working with Member States and the EU institutions on defining a new and improved way forward.

Following final agreement by the European Parliament and Council of the EU, EPF will further analyse the definitive proposal, in light of our recent advocacy efforts, which are available below.