Launch of the EPF AI Knowledge Hub

AI Knowledge Hub

EPF is happy to announce the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Knowledge Hub.

Over the next five years, the European Commission has ambitions to forge a plan for Europe’s digital transformation, including AI. But without a strong civil society taking part in the debate, Europe risk missing opportunities to better society and instead, might choose a path paved with societal harm. 

To help with this work, EPF has been awarded a €90,000 grant from the European AI Fund, set up by a consortium. Set up to help strengthen civil society’s voice in debates on Europe’s digital future, one of the Fund’s aims is to bring newer voices to the fore. 

The AI Knowledge Hub was created to boost understanding on AI and close advocacy and capacity-building gaps within the EPF and its membership to build a more AI-savvy and engaged patient community, which can contribute meaningfully to EU and national policy debates on the topic.   

In the different sections of the resource point you will be able to find:  

  • Information about the European Artificial Intelligence Fund;  
  • EPF’s work on AI, including new initiatives, such as the Understanding AI Webinar Series, and previously published policy and capacity building resources;  
  • External resources including key papers, reports, policy and legislative files, key events and capacity building activities.

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Special Thanks

This Knowledge Hub was made possible by the European Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Fund. The fund is hosted by the Network of European Foundations and supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation, Luminate, Mozilla, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations and Stiftung Mercator.