EPF receives Operating Grant

European Patients’ Forum Awarded Operating Grant under the EU4Health Programme to Advance Patient Advocacy Across Europe

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) concluded a grant agreement for an operating grant under the EU4HealthProgramme for 2024. Following a selection and review process, the EPF programme encompasses a large part of our work, including our policy advocacy, awareness, membership support, and core capacity building activities aimed at bringing the patient community voice and  reinforcing the democratic participation of patient organisations in EU and national health policy, research and practice.

The proposal is based on the 2024 EPF workplan and aims to support:

  • Ongoing advocacy on important ongoing legislative initiatives, such as EHDS and the pharmaceutical legislation;
  • Awareness-raising on topics of global concern: pandemic preparedness, health data and Artificial Intelligence, and antimicrobial resistance;
  • Patient community involvement in the implementation and monitoring of existing regulations (health technology assessment and medical devices);
  • Core membership and capacity building activities, notably the Annual General Meeting, Board governance, regular Members’ Circles, the support to the EPF Youth Group, and the Advocacy 101 training course.
  • Scaling up our communications and dissemination activities to bring the collective voice of patient communities to wider audiences and engage with a wider variety of stakeholders.

As part of the EPF’s EU Elections campaign – Vote4Patients, EPF advocates for the systemic participation of patient organisations in health policy discussions and their access to sustainable operational funding.

With the support of this operating grant, EPF’s will execute a precise, measurable, forward-looking workplan to shape and reinforce the European Health Union that delivers for patients and citizens by building, promoting, and coordinating patient involvement in EU policies, legislative processes, research projects, and relevant EU actions.