European Commission event: Mental health and the pandemic: living, caring, acting!


What does it mean to live in a world defined by COVID-19 and to provide care in this pandemic age? Plan to attend this virtual event, hosted by Commissioner Kyriakides, on 10 May 2021 to gain a better understanding of the mental health impact of COVID-19.

This one-day virtual event takes place during European Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 and aims to highlight the mental health impact of COVID-19. It gives a voice to those who have been affected; looking at the situation of different groups in our society, including people with pre-existing mental health problems and those providing care. The event provides the opportunity for sharing examples and promising practices, exploring what we know and what we need to understand better and discussing how to ensure that our health systems are well-equipped, now and in the future.

The event will bring together a wide array of speakers, including representatives from EU countries, the European Commission, European Parliament as well as from patient organisations, non-governmental organisations, health professionals, civil society and international organisations. The conference language will be English.

Participation and registration are open to all. Depending on interest from registered participants, international sign language interpretation will be available for the plenary sessions plus one break-out session per time slot. Please indicate interest in the registration form.

More info and registration here.