POLITICO Health Care Summit

There has never been a stronger mandate for health within European institutions. From ensuring access to medicines and reducing vaccine skepticism to advancing e-health, the new Health Commission’s priorities are far-ranging and complex. The 5th edition of POLITICO’s Health Care Summit will convene news-makers and global thought leaders virtually to discuss the challenges that this new legislature is planning to or forced by events to undertake, obstacles that stand in their way as well as the potential ways to tackle them.

EPF's Director of Policy, Kaisa Immonen will be participating in the Panel Discussion on 'Coronavirus: Lessons Learned' on 17 November.

Details below:


Coronavirus: lessons learned

  • Flattening the curve: what steps taken during the pandemic were successful?
  • What can we learn from the transmission data post-crisis?
  • How other public health needs were endangered by the coronavirus crisis?
  • Lockdown in free societies, what mental health impact did the coronavirus pose on society?
  • How could the reaction to coronavirus be different knowing what we know now?